My name is Francesco Lupo, I'm a modeler with a passion (and addiction) for everything concerning form, volume, dynamism. I'm one of those who live trying to convey movement, even when staying still.

I'm born in 1975 and, practically since then, I've always been keen on shapes, drawing, and the process of transposition to paper of whatever could come to my mind. At kindergarten I was scolded because I was left-handed and, when drawing Christmas crib, I put Mazinga and UFOs in place of angels. I guess that is the reason why, today, I am what I am.

Since I was a child, I always felt a great fascination for special effects in movies. Though today I have a pretty wide and deep knowledge of the processes and techniques behind cinema's imagery, even now I react and get involved as then, when in front of that imagery.
That made my dream for a lifetime to become a mission: I want to work for VFX, in order to turn my passion into a profession; to see life sparkled into creatures, objects, environments modeled by me, through the magic of cinema; that is just amazing to me, and I guess it is what we all share, as professionals of the movie industry.
I experienced that, already, with feature animation; I would now do that with feature films and VFX.
I do love my job and I always face every new challenge with great passion. Also, I like working in team, learning from others and, above all, sharing what I've learned; that is essential, both to rise the quality of my work's results, and to invest on a common growth.
I've studied in a school of art and, after that, I worked as an illustrator and web designer for a variety of graphic design studios. That was the time, when I began working with computer graphics and getting interest for 3D. I've played around with 3D Studio for MSDos for a while, and then moved to Ligthwave 5.0; it was the beginning of my career as a modeler.

I got more and more interest for game development, rendering engines, and character animation. And now I'm just fixed with that.
In 2006 I began working for the newborn Rainbow CGI, in Rome. There I moved from Lightwave to Maya, which is now my favorite modeling environment, together with Zbrush and Mudbox. Actually Zbrush is now my virtual stress-ball, as I love sculpting at least as much as I love running.
While I was in Rainbow CGI, I worked on three feature films: “Winx – secret of lost kingdom” (2007), as a character, facial expressions, and environment modeler, and as a render-wrangler; for “Winx – Magical Adventure” (2010) and a new feature animation which is still in production, I've worked as an environment modeler (both high and low poly), a set dresser, and a compositor (Nuke v6.01).

I also worked on a variety of secondary projects, such as videoclips and commercials, and I modeled characters and creatures for a theme park's interactive video attraction.
Parallel to my job, I always tested new softwares and experimented with them, in order to be up to date with new modeling tools, techniques, workflows.
Long time is passed since I first approached the virtual 3D world. When looking behind, I realize how much I've learnt without even realizing it; though, I'm aware that the way to go is still long, since no limit exists to my will of learning and fine-tuning my work.

Cover Letter